Anderson Egress Windows

Egress Windows

While in the dead of night, Joe Anderson was awoken by a strange green light emanating from outside of his window. He heard an unearthly buzzing sound that, if he were to think about it, sounded suspiciously like a very small airplane. Very carefully and quietly, Joe tiptoed to the window and looked out. He saw nothing but the green hue seemed to be reflected from above. He looked up slowly and almost swallowed his tongue when he saw a craft of some sort hovering above his house. This was no ordinary craft; it was as big as a football field and looked like a giant pizza with a donut resting on top. The craft was tilted and the ray of green light was directly emanating from the tipped point of the giant hovering spacecraft. Slowly, he felt the ground shaking. Earthquake! It seems like the spacecraft was trying to uproot his house and carry it.

But to what extent and purpose? Joe didn’t stop to think. He ran to the other side of his bedroom where an egress window was and started opening it when he saw, from that window, a gigantic lizard-like creature with spikes on its back walking towards his house. He backed away from the window as the lizard-creature peered through the glass. In a fell swoop, the creature bit off the roof of Joe’s house and tossed it aside where it landed atop of Mrs. Schneider’s roof. His room, now open under the starless night sky, was enveloped in the craft’s green light and the creature, for the first time, realized that it, too, was being enveloped by the strange greenish hue. It let out an incredible and deafening roar before breathing fire at the craft. Unfortunately, the creature’s fire breath was caught by part of the house before its original target, the space craft, was directly hit. Everything was getting crazy and Joe only had so much curiosity in his body to sustain interest in the spectacle for a few minutes before he realized he was in danger and ran down to exit through the door. As he was flying down the flight of stairs, he heard a whizzing sound and ducked just in time to avoid a shuriken from hitting him square on the forehead. He looked around his shadowy, green-hued house and saw dark images moving stealthily in the background.

Ninjas! He had no time process everything that was happening but he knew what he had to do. He dodged a swinging bladed chain ball and got grazed by a small dagger on the way to the door leading to the basement, where he got to eventually. He looked the door but could hear the pounding of the ninjas from the other side, shouting in a language that he did not understand. Even before he could catch his breath, he felt cold and realized that there were other dark figures below. These figures, however, did not hide in the dark but, rather, moved conspicuously and in plain view from the door where he was standing. They were tall hooded figures and there was ice everywhere. It felt so cold and everything before his very ice were being instantly covered with a thin layer of ice.

Moreover, there was a deeper feeling of coldness that Joe was feeling at the moment. His heart felt heavier, as if it too was being frozen. It felt like the happiness was being sucked out of him and the he could never be happy again. He cannot waste anymore time. He had to get out. He dashed across the ice, despite the hooded figures stopping when they saw him and raising their hands towards him as he ran, and bolted for the egress window which was at the far side of the eastern block of the basement. He pried open the window, ran away, and never looked back.

Clearly, this is not a real story, but the events portrayed above have their own real equivalents and can actually happen in real life. Also, apart from this, the egress windows in the depiction above may really have the depicted results, especially when they are Anderson egress windows. Earthquake? The egress window is the ultimate escape, as one may be able to access in the event of an unforeseen earthquake. Fire? The egress window is the first thing you should run to after gathering your family, in order to escape. Snowed in? The Anderson egress windows are of the highest quality and can brave any weather or condition. Rest assured, Anderson egress windows are the solution to all your woes. Apart from the aforementioned, the Anderson Windows makes the best egress window for its value. There is nothing that surpasses Anderson egress windows when it comes to quality. If Joe Anderson existed in real life, he would have sworn by Anderson egress windows and testify of its extremely good quality. “Anderson egress window practically saved my life,” Joe would probably say. If he’s real, that is. But despite the fact of whether he’s real or not, one thing’s for sure: the Anderson egress window is so good and effective, it’ll probably be the last brand you’ll ever buy.